Parker offers active thermal regeneration solutions

Updated Sep 5, 2012

Parker Hannifin Active Thermal Regeneration Family

Parker Hannifin’s Fluid Control Division now offers a family of active thermal regeneration solutions to help reduce particulate matter and nitrogen oxides emissions by providing precise atomization and fuel delivery for burner system applications. Designed for a variety of medium- to heavy-duty diesel engine applications, the components include:
• The Air Atomization Module that manages the fuel, atomization air and purge air that is sent to the burner;
• The Fuel Delivery Module that consists of a positive-displacement fuel pump and a safety shutoff valve. The pump has the ability to draw from a fuel tank or can be used as a booster pump in the engine’s return fuel circuit; and
• The Integrated Combustion Air Valve that controls the airflow provided by a variable geometry turbocharger for the burner.

The components are integrated and calibrated to facilitate smaller packaging envelopes, improved reliability and fewer maintenance requirements.