Phillips producing Sta-Dry S7 swivel electrical nosebox

Phillips Sta Dry S7

Phillips Industries announced the beginning of production of its new Sta-Dry S7 swivel electrical nosebox at its site in Santa Fe Springs, Calif. The Sta-Dry S7 was developed by Phillips specifically to reduce costs for fleets whose truck-trailer combinations are required to maneuver in a tight space routinely. The severe angle created in these instances can cause damage to air and electrical cables, the nosebox, connectors and gladhands.

The Sta-Dry S7 is designed to allow the electrical cable to simply follow the movement of the truck, accommodating a turn up to 80 degrees – 40 degrees left or 40 degrees right – and will disconnect automatically if the turn exceeds that angle. Phillps says a minor modification to equipment to replace a standard nosebox with the waterproof Sta-Dry S7 can reduce downtime and save costs associated with repair and replacement of damaged parts.

Phillps says the swivel Sta-Dry S7 socket carries a 3-year warranty and has been tested to more than one million rotating cycles, well beyond any imaginable working condition, and has performed without constraints. Among its other features:
• When combined with swivel gladhands, like the Phillips Swinger Gladhand, the entire air and electrical lines are safe;
• The shroud protects the swivel from icing in extreme cold weather;
• The QCS2 is waterproof, stopping corrosion from entering the electrical system;
• Since 70 percent of people are right-handed, the Sta-Dry S7 allows most drivers to plug cable in and take out using their right hand versus feeling ergonomically awkward while using their left hand;
• The Extended cable automatically disconnects when pulled to the extreme, preventing damage and permanent loss of connectivity; and
• Multiple wire and cable entry from bottom.