Rice Lake debuts TradeRoute onboard scale system

Updated Oct 31, 2012

Trade Route2Rice Lake says its new Legal for Trade onboard scale, TradeRoute, is letting drivers bypass local truck scales and conduct business directly to and from their payload, printed ticket and all.

The company says TradeRoute is one of very few Legal for Trade onboard scales available in North America. But what makes it most unique is that it operates solely from a parked position where hydraulics are used to engage the scale. Unlike all other onboard designs, TradeRoute’s load cells support the vehicle’s load only during the weigh cycle, eliminating the potential for premature load-cell wear from constant engagement.

TradeRoute from Rice Lake Weighing Systems is designed to install around the frame of many common straight-truck designs using a combination of frame-hugging weigh modules, a stainless steel junction box, and a weatherproof control center that houses Rice Lake’s 920i Indicator/Controller and Epson TM-U295 Ticket Printer. The 920i software adds tremendous power and flexibility to each TradeRoute system, which can be customized to the unique needs of each customer.

According to Rice Lake product manager Chris Senneff, “The potential cost savings are huge. Carriers can save an enormous amount of time and vehicle wear by not taking constant trips to a certified scale, and multiply that savings across their fleet. They get detailed numbers from each stop and are able to store and transmit those numbers back to their office electronically. Not having to handwrite tickets or transpose information is removing a big chance of error and saving a lot of time too.” Chris explains that there are other benefits to onboard systems as well. “Like any onboard system, just knowing your truck’s weight at any given moment lets you make the most of your capacity without going over. Avoid a few overload fines and this system pays for itself pretty quickly.” For more information about TradeRoute or other Rice Lake products, visit www.ricelake.com/traderoute.