TireStamp releases TPMS servicing app for commercial tire dealers

Updated Dec 28, 2012

TireStamp has released its upgraded, cloud based TireVigil Servicing APP with features specifically designed for commercial tire dealers who provide services to TireVigil TPMS equipped fleets. These features enable servicing dealers to have information on tire problems way in advance of their failure so that they can plan and schedule service, respond quickly, efficiently, and with the right equipment before sending out technicians and service trucks.

Since TireVigil TPMS products have been built to meet the TPMS 2.0 standard (see and incorporate wireless technologies that provide remote diagnostics for tires, emergency road service call centers can be alerted to tire problems as they develop in addition to providing the vehicle location and the specific actions to take in resolving these problems. With this capability in most cases vehicles with problem tires can be routed to a tire dealer’s location for service rather than waiting on the side of the road for service after a tire has failed. Since the dealer has been advised of this incoming business, he can be prepared with the right tire or problem solution when the vehicle arrives saving the fleet an enormous amount of down time.

Servicing tire dealers who use the TireVigil Servicing App can zero-in on the service required for one TireVigil™ equipped vehicle in a fleet, see the service required on all vehicles with problem tires at one specific location, or across the entire fleet. The Servicing App provides the type of tires on each vehicle, highlights the specific alert issues and the actions that should be taken to correct these problems. This visibility enables dealers to allocate their technicians and service trucks more efficiently and respond with the appropriate service in a more timely fashion.

Not only can tire dealers see what is happening with the tires on one specific account’s vehicles, but they can view all the active alerts for TireVigil equipped vehicles in all of the fleets for which they provide service. In addition, alerts and reports can be directed to all of a tire dealer’s branches or only to specific branches that are responsible for that particular fleet location so that only those branches that can interact with a particular vehicle will see its alerts. Further, as a vehicle travels across the country, the closest branch to it will change and the destination of its tire alerts will go to the appropriate location.

According to Peggy Fisher, President of TireStamp Inc, “TireVigil TPMS has been designed to use its high level of tire visibility to enable commercial tire dealers to easily manage their entire TPMS customer base saving them as well as their fleet accounts time and money. So not only are a fleet’s tires managed and serviced better, but the tire dealer can manage his business more efficiently and profitably too.”