IdleAir adds ConvoyTV+Power entertainment package

Updated Jan 4, 2013

IdleAir has added a new entertainment package, ConvoyTV+Power, which includes more than 60 channels of satellite TV (including the ESPN package), 120V electricity inside and outside the cab, and basic Internet access on the IdleAir touchscreen.

The service will be offered for free at select locations nationwide through January 15, 2013. Beginning January 16, 2013, ConvoyTV+Power will be offered at a flat $1.49 per hour (plus tax), and available through IdleAir member cards at select locations through April 30, 2013.

ConvoyTV+Power is the second service package offered by IdleAir, and customers may choose either ConvoyTV+Power or Premium Service, which includes heat, air conditioning, satellite TV, 120V electricity, and basic Internet access on the touchscreen.

The company says that professional drivers and fleets will continue to enjoy Premium Service at all IdleAir locations, using the same member card and fleet card options they have used previously. Futhermore, customers will earn Convoy Points when purchasing ConvoyTV+Power: 1 point per hour plus 25 points for every 8 hours of continuous use. Customers who take advantage of all IdleAir discounts and promotions receive a combined 12% discount, effectively paying only $1.31 per hour for ConvoyTV+Power.

“For years, customers have asked for additional service packages,” says Ethan Garber, IdleAir CEO. “With ConvoyTV+Power, we deliver on this promise to our customers. At $1.49 per hour, the new ConvoyTV+Power is an especially good value for drivers who asked for unbundled access to electricity and Internet, and access to their favorite sports on satellite TV.”