Ervin Equipment expands used trailer offerings to meet oil boom demand

Bottom Dump Gallegos1

Ervin Equipment is expanding its supply services to the aggregates, asphalt, roadbuilding and oilfield industries by providing an expanded line of new and used Bottom Dump Trailers.

A long-time supplier of a variety of specialty trailers, Ervin says it has seen the demand for bottom dump trailers spike in recent months. To continue to serve the growing needs of its customer base as a single source supplier for all trailer requirements, Ervin is expanding its selection to include bottom dump trailers as well as exploring other units requested by customers in the oil boom areas.

Bottom dump, or belly dump, trailers are popular in areas where terrain or other jobsite restrictions such as overhead obstacles may pose safety risks with traditional rear-dump trailers. This particular style of trailer is most commonly used in the north central, south central and western states, those areas currently involved in the oil-boom.

“Bottom dump trailers are the top choice for operators in aggregate, roadbuilding and oil-field industries because they provide enhanced safety on uneven terrain and allow the operator to dump material in a linear heap while the truck is moving,” said John Connor, member of the Tank and Specialty Trailer Sales Division at Ervin Equipment.

Ervin specializes in fulfilling customer needs – whether the need be new or used trailers. Ervin regularly scouts and secures large supplies of the most demanded spec of trailers, making good quality used trailers available for its customer base and those looking for a low-cost way to enter a new market area. To serve customers seeking new trailers, Ervin Equipment partners with companies such as Gallegos Trailers and Construction Trailer Specialists (CTS).

Gallegos, offers seven models of bottom dump trailers for use in oilfields, aggregate and asphalt industries. Its bottom dump trailers feature carrying capacities ranging from 18 to 31 cubic yards. The Gallegos line also includes options of two- or three-axle trailers featuring the 5.6 ton 25-cubic yard Spider and the 12.5 ton 18-cubic-yard Set Bottom Dump Trailer.

Ervin also works closely with CTS to sell new hot-mix insulated belly dump trailers for the asphalt industry. A unique insulation system provides a safe, simple, bottom dump solution for carrying hot-mix asphalt. This is a feature few competing bottom dump trailer manufacturers can offer. When working non-asphalt jobs, these trailers can be used for hauling road base, gravel, sand and dirt.

“As the demand for these types of trailers grows, Ervin’s continuing commitment to building partnerships like the ones we have with CTS and Gallegos and our continuing eye on researching the evolving demands of the market, leave us in an excellent position to quickly fulfill any fleet manager’s need for any type of trailer – even in large quantities,” said Connor.