TRP introduces easy-to-use, durable, school bus seat covers

TRP says its new line of school bus seat covers gives school districts a durable replacement option when maintaining their bus fleets.

“Fleet managers and bus operators can be sure they’re getting a safe and simple solution with TRP seat covers. The new line includes a hook-and-loop option with no staples, screws or rivets, so seat covers can be installed in minutes,” said Jeff Hughes, TRP development manager.

Manufactured to meet national standards and all FMVSS safety requirements for school bus seating, TRP seat covers fit all major applications, including IC, Blue Bird and Thomas Built.

TRP seat covers are available in 42- or 52-ounce standard material or a fire block option and a wide range of colors. The choice of over 80 covers, including backs, high backs and bottoms, makes it easy to match the TRP seat cover with the bus age or application.

“When a school bus seat cover becomes damaged, regulations require it to be replaced. TRP seat covers provide an easy and long-lasting solution for school districts needing to replace the seats in their bus fleets,” said Dale Puhrmann, national sales manager for the bus segment.