Carrier launches hybrid TRU

Updated Sep 24, 2013

Carrier Transicold Vector 8500 TRUCarrier Transicold’s Vector 8500 single-temperature hybrid trailer refrigeration unit is a fully hermetic electric scroll compressor that has fewer moving parts and is 200 pounds lighter than a traditional reciprocating compressor.

The Vector 8500 unit incorporates Carrier Transicold’s ecoForward technologies designed to boost performance while complying with 2013 Tier 4 emissions requirements from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The Vector platform’s E-Drive all-electric refrigeration technology means refrigeration and heating operations are 100 percent electric and are powered over the road by an onboard generator driven by the unit’s diesel engine for reduced fuel consumption.

Additionally, electric standby capability is built-in, allowing haulers to tap into electric power supplies to run the system when parked, providing quiet emissions-free refrigeration performance. A2.2-liter engine uses sensors and an electronic control module that communicates with Carrier’s APX control system to optimize performance.

The unit provides 60,000 Btu at 35 degrees F and 24,000 Btu at -20 degrees F, and in start/stop mode, the greater capacity and higher efficiency also help the Vector 8500 achieve setpoint faster, enabling the engine to shut off sooner for reduced engine run time.

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