Royal Purple formulates new fuel system treatment

Royal Purple Max-Tane Fuel System TreatmentRoyal Purple’s Max-Tane high-performance fuel system treatment – designed for all types of light-, medium- and heavy-duty diesel trucks, as well as diesel-powered cars – is a 6-in-1 diesel fuel treatment engineered to work as a fuel system cleaner, cetane booster, fuel stabilizer, fuel pump lubricator, cold flow improver and demulsifier.

Max-Tane is formulated to combat problems associated with modern high-pressure common diesel injection systems; be compatible with any type or grade of diesel fuel; and use in engines equipped with diesel particulate filters and catalytic converters.

Royal Purple also recently introduced its Max-Clean fuel system treatment that cleans injectors, restores fuel economy and reduces both engine buildup and tailpipe emissions, targeting both the intake system and combustion chamber. For more information, go to