Mack wins award for “Cupcake” ad

Mack Trucks delivered a first-place win in Bizo’s inaugural Remixer B2B Display Advertising Awards for its MACK® Granite® ad, “You’re Not Delivering Cupcakes.”

The awards, conducted by Digital Marketing Remix, a digital marketing news and community website produced by Bizo, recognize the best examples of B2B (business-to-business) online display advertising creative in traditional static advertising and rich media advertising. Mack’s ad won first place in the traditional static display advertising category.
The ad image features a Mack Granite model in a quarry with a driver walking away from the vehicle. The call to action is a link that takes people to the Granite section on the Mack website.

“Mack is proud that our ad for the Mack Granite model was recognized by Digital Marketing Remix,” said John Walsh, Mack vice president of marketing. “We wanted the ad to convey the toughness and durability of the Mack Granite and the Mack brand in general in a clever way that captured people’s attention. Our ads have to have the same impact on people as our trucks do on the jobsite.”

VSA Partners, based in Chicago, created the ad for Mack.

“The ad is designed to answer the simple question, ‘Why Mack?’ – something many advertisers try to do in one way or another,” said Stratton Cherouny, associate partner at VSA. “We wanted to answer that question in very relatable terms, not as the OEM talking, rather as if it’s just one guy telling another why he should drive a Mack. You get the idea that the product is tough. You get the idea that it’s built for hard-working people doing really hard work. But you get it in a manner that is very real, direct and unpretentious, all quintessentially Mack brand characteristics.”

A panel of eight judges determined the winning entries.

“The headline, ‘You’re Not Delivering Cupcakes,’ perfectly represents the essence of the Mack brand,” said Sean Callahan, editor of Digital Marketing Remix and marketing director at Bizo. “Capturing that essence is easier said than done. We thought the photo of the truck with the driver was a great encapsulation of what Mack was trying to convey in a clever way.”