Navistar announces vocational-specific Diamond Logic packages

Navistar today announced new Diamond Logic feature bundles specific to the vocational truck market. Feature bundles are categorized by usage and body integration such as dry van, dump and utility as well as outline features relevant to operations of the particular application.

The company has been a pioneer in custom programmable chassis electronics and multiplexing since 2001 and has continued to closely partner with end users and body builders to further increase productivity. Diamond Logic helps vocational operations work smarter, faster and safer, while also preventing drivers from inadvertently damaging valuable equipment.

“Our Diamond Logic operating system is best known for its ability to provide control and communication between work trucks and body equipment, which allows for quick diagnosis and identification of fault codes as well as aids completion of DOT safety checks,” said Bob Mann, vice president, dealer sales, Navistar. “Diamond Logic also gives the truck owner and the truck equipment manufacturers the opportunity to create and write their own custom logic. By bundling the most widely used controls in the vocational segment, we are helping our customers more quickly identify their needed capabilities so they can then move on to customization.”

All International vocational trucks are equipped with Navistar’s Diamond Logic Electrical System, which offers nearly 200 factory available body integration and driver efficiency features, plus the ability to customize infinitely more vehicle functions.

“Compressors, cranes and lighting equipment have gotten pretty demanding and Diamond Logic [electrical system] has allowed us to really clean up the inside of the trucks,” said Mike Butsch, director of fleet operations for Joy Global’s Surface Mining group. “It’s much safer and more convenient and intuitive for the driver from the cab. We also put together rear crane compartments on most of our mechanics’ trucks, which really helps the operator when he or she needs to take control from outside the cab.”