Orbcomm’s next-gen satellite modems now available

Orbcomm Inc., a global provider of machine-to-machine (M2M) systems announced the availability of its next generation OG2 satellite modems. The modems, it says, are ideal for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) integration into satellite M2M applications targeted for the transportation and distribution, heavy equipment, oil & gas, and government markets.

The modems are 100 percent backwards compatible with Orbcomm’s current OG1 satellite network and are the first devices available to support OG2 services upon launch of Orbcomm’s next generation OG2 satellite constellation commencing in the spring of 2014.

Orbcomm is offering two versions of its new satellite modem – the OG2-M with satellite communications and the OG2-GPS, which adds an on-board three-axis accelerometer and built-in GPS. With a single board transceiver and a footprint smaller than a credit card, both the OG2-M and OG2-GPS feature a single, wide-range power supply input, which provides significant flexibility for product designers.

The modems also utilize an industry-standard PCI Express physical interface for easy integration into a broad range of M2M applications. The unique ability to individually control power to various sections of the modem enables the modems to achieve extremely low power consumption and provide increased longevity for battery-powered applications.

In addition, Orbcomm has created a turn-key developer’s kit for the new modems designed to reduce development time and expedite the deployment of Orbcomm-powered systems in the field. The kit includes an OG2 satellite modem, a modem evaluation board, universal power supply, antennas, USB to serial adapter, PC interface software to configure and control the modem, as well as a Quick Start Guide CD with full documentation.

Orbcomm says that OEMs can utilize the kit to validate the modem’s compatibility with their existing applications and to benchmark modem and network performance.

Orbcomm’s long-time partner, Quake Global, a manufacturer of asset tracking satellite M2M modems, is also offering a full suite of devices, including the QPRO, which will enable M2M communications across Orbcomm’s OG1 and OG2 satellite networks. Quake Global’s dual-mode QPRO is a self-contained, environmentally sealed device with GPS tailored for M2M applications in the heavy equipment, transportation and oil & gas industries that are powered by ORBCOMM’s global networks.