Meritor introduces new steer axle knuckle

Meritor has introduced a universal knuckle for use with its non-drive front steer axles, giving global customers a new solution to outfit drum or air disc brakes.

“We are seeing a significant increase in acceptance of air disc brakes in North America, and the redesign of our existing front steer axle with the universal knuckle will accommodate either brake type globally,” said Ken Hogan, general manager, North America axles. “Our EX+ air disc brake, which can now be paired with our universal knuckle front steer axle, is a great example of a brake option that has less maintenance than drum brakes and meets the reduced stopping distance regulation.”

Built on Meritor’s history of highly durable knuckles, the universal knuckle front steer axle has one service part instead of the previous two knuckles on each axle. Service parts are no longer dependent on brake types and simplifies inventory needed.
The new component offers customers higher payload capacity, which increases productivity, and eliminates the need for a heavier and more expensive 13,200 pound axle.

Meritor reinforces its commitment to customer support through Meritor DriveForce, the company’s North American sales and service organization, and the OnTrac technical support center. Collectively staffed by more than 150 dedicated professionals, these teams assist commercial vehicle customers with customized solutions before, during and after the sale.