GE Capital Fleet Services creates new telematics system

Updated Mar 19, 2014

GE Capital Fleet Services announced a new telematics system, GE Monitor Asset Tracking, that allows fleet managers to track, in real-time, powered and non-powered assets such as trailers, forklifts, key equipment and generators.

By installing GPS-equipped, battery-operated hardware onto fixed and mobile assets, fleet managers can view and manage equipment activity via multiple color-coded digital maps. GE Monitor Asset Tracking allows fleet managers to set up customized notifications to track movement for inventory and security purposes. Additionally, fleet managers can analyze real-time data to identify idle and low equipment utilization.

“Technology is constantly changing the way we gather, access, and analyze data, which in turn, changes the way fleet managers operate. It’s important that we continue to provide our customers with the tools needed to successfully manage their fleets and make informed improvements,” said Mike Mrosko, telematics product leader at GE Capital Fleet Services.

GE Capital Fleet Services also said its customers now have access to GE Monitor Connect and Fuel Guard Reports. GE Monitor Connect integrates a Garmin navigation device with telematics to perform mobile dispatching and communications with fleet drivers. Through Fuel Guard Reports, customers can easily track the location of fuel cards and identify fuel fraud by combining fuel transaction data and telematics location data.