Navman Wireless designs single portal for all factory-installed OEM telematics

Updated Apr 30, 2014

Qtanium Connect CollageFleet tracking provider Navman Wireless USA today announced a new web-based telematics portal. The portal, Qtanium Connect, is designed to streamline management of mixed heavy equipment fleets by consolidating machine data from all OEM and Navman Wireless-tracked assets into a single interface.

Navman says the new portal complies with the AEMP Telematics Data Standard and provides one-stop fleetwide visibility without the need to add third-party hardware to machines that already have factory-installed OEM telematics. It also supports integration of data into the enterprise office system for broader business use.

Named after the company’s ruggedized Qtanium GPS tracking device for heavy equipment, Qtanium Connect allows fleet operators to request data access credentials from each OEM represented in their fleet. Data from each reporting source will then be securely transmitted to operators’ servers and aggregated for use in the portal’s widgets, dashboards, maps and reports.

Information available from the portal ranges from machine location, fleet utilization, fuel burn, and geofence and curfew violations to equipment use by jobsite, preventive maintenance schedules, and beyond. Related information such as machine inspection data and photographs of machine damage can be imported into the system for further data consolidation.

Other value-added features include the ability to sort reports by OEM, analyze data by machine category, and click to access real-time weather reporting from each jobsite to help fleet managers and equipment rental companies quickly ascertain the reason for low real-time utilization rates.

Future enhancements such as idling data will be added as new versions of the AEMP standard dictate which data elements may be available from OEMs in a common format.

“For the past decade, contractors with mixed fleets have been increasingly handicapped in their use of telematics by the fractured nature of the reporting. Only the largest fleets with exceptional budgets and large IT teams have been able to afford to consolidate the data from each OEM website,” said Steve Blackburn, vice president, North America, for Navman Wireless. “Our new Qtanium Connect portal offers a single view of all telematics data regardless of the source, giving operators insights and controls that can help drive new fleet efficiencies and profitability.”

Qtanium Connect is scheduled to begin beta testing in April. It will be available by subscription and priced according to the number of assets tracked, with Navman Wireless support and ongoing upgrades included in the subscription package.