Ready Trucking gets fast payback from Rand McNally’s TND 760

TND760_In use_140313_hiresJust months after installing Rand McNally’s TND 760 in-cab devices, Ready Trucking of Ellenwood, Ga., announced it has achieved its implementation objectives. Ready Trucking is able to evaluate and manage more data, allowing dispatchers to reduce the time they spend on the phone.

Executives at the 100-truck company say their dispatchers have been able to increase the time they have to plan and make better decisions, ultimately increasing the service and safety offered to their customers and drivers.

The company began evaluating mobile communications as early as 1992. The cost of implementation had been a hurdle until now.

“In the past, the hardware associated with mobile communications was expensive, proprietary, and difficult to install and maintain. We ultimately selected Rand McNally because it is easy to install and cheaper to maintain,” said Morgan Hulsey, executive director of operations at Ready Trucking. “For example, we only have to manage a single device with Rand McNally, versus three different unit parts in older generation equipment. There wasn’t a comparable product in terms of overall cost of ownership based on our computations.”

Ready Trucking manages a wide variety of service-intensive customers. Company executives said the adoption of technology and a quick response to industry changes has been imperative to the retention of customers, drivers and overall growth.

The company has positively affected its safety and compliance by increasing accuracy and reliability of hours of service recording. It also has generated efficiencies throughout operations with automated reporting and availability of information.

“The Rand McNally Connect Web Portal provides an interface directly to our dispatch software, Progressive Data Systems. Dispatchers can seamlessly assign loads to drivers and the company can manage communication and service levels throughout the organization automatically,” continued Hulsey.