TMW Systems updates portfolio at TransForm user conference

Updated Sep 21, 2015

TMW_TrimbleDuring the 2015 TransForum user conference, TMW Systems and its integrated software partners announced a number of new products, services and enhanced capabilities for the company’s extensive portfolio of transportation and asset maintenance software.

Enhanced integration capabilities were announced by SkyBitz and Orbcomm for trailer tracking systems. PeopleNet added new asset maintenance workflows for the TMT software. And QuikQ developed an integration with TMW for managing electronic fuel purchases.

The list of TMW announcements includes:

Value Engineering services¬†¬≠‚Ästa new service initiative providing TMW customers¬†insightful analysis for business¬†performance improvement through combined data¬†analytics and industry benchmarking.

TMWSuite Fuel Dispatch software¬†¬≠‚Ästnew tools to improve short-load consolidations as¬†well as general performance¬†improvements to increase end-user effectiveness. New¬†capabilities include inventory forecasting for holidays and¬†managing discrepancies¬†in tank readings.

TMWSuite Brokerage software¬†¬≠‚Ästadditional rating capabilities provided through the¬†3G-TM integration for industry rating support of truckload and less-than-truckload¬†shipments. Improves customers‚Äô ability to accurately rate¬†shipments and offer¬†more competitive price quotes.

TMW Operations¬†¬≠‚Ästnew features offer more efficiencies for planners¬†and dispatchers, including commodity-based loading guidance to maximize¬†equipment utilization; enhanced cross-dock capability that facilitates planning,¬†execution and billing of ‚Äėturnpike doubles‚Äô movements. Improvements in data¬†accuracy and efficiency from these¬†enhancements can reduce re-work in¬†the back office.

TMW Back Office¬†¬≠‚Ästimproved support for agent-based pay scenarios enables¬†companies to grow business using an¬†agent model. Automated, ‚Äúno touch‚Ä̬†processing of billing and settlements further reduces manual effort required to¬†complete critical tasks, allowing end-users to focus on exceptions.

TMWSuite LTL Operations¬†¬≠‚Ästnew features for LTL consolidators who incorporate¬†rail service, including rail reservation¬†and drayage capabilities. Route¬†optimization powered by Appian DirectRoute automatically routes daily¬†deliveries and¬†identifies optimal truck assignments for new pickups as they are¬†called in during the day.

TruckMate software¬†¬≠‚Ästa redesigned handheld application for managing freight¬†at a cross-dock, featuring an interface that can reduce¬†the technology onboarding time, improve data collection and reduce loading¬†errors.¬†Increased rating capabilities provided through a new 3G-TM integration¬†offer rating support for truckload¬†and less-than-truckload¬†shipments.

TMW Business Intelligence software and services¬†¬≠‚Ästextensive new data elements are available in the TMW¬†Data¬†Warehouse for TMWSuite, Innovative, TruckMate and TMT Fleet Maintenance systems¬†that expand reporting and¬†dashboard options for a range of business¬†users. New drag-and-drop design capabilities in the Data Warehouse¬†Explorer and¬†Visual Analytics applications¬†improve speed and ease of use when creating new¬†dashboards. The ability to¬†consume SSRS and Crystal Reports and an extensive¬†set of new data visualization tools join many other new features.

TL2000 software¬†¬≠‚Ästimprovements to the Driver Schedule snapshot feature on the¬†Assignment screen of Resource¬†Planner and the new feature tariff rate import¬†capability using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template are notable¬†enhancements.

Innovative IES software¬†¬≠‚Ästenhancements include¬†integrations to new mobile communications providers and fuel card¬†and fuel purchase system providers. A new Web-based IES Mobile application offers significant operations information¬†for timesaving effectiveness¬†when away from a desktop.

Appian software¬†¬≠‚Ästamong other enhancements, an optional Google¬†geocoding functionality for enhanced accuracy; a¬†Scenario Manager that can run¬†multiple routing scenarios; an automated Fixed Routing Manager that reduces the¬†need¬†to perform daily manual route uploads; a Resource Planner tool with a¬†single view of driver and truck schedules; an¬†automated feature for delivery¬†appointment setting; and a new mobile tracking and messaging app for iOS,¬†Android and¬†Windows devices.

TMW Asset Maintenance software¬†¬≠‚Ästa new Tire Analyzer mobile application to measure¬†and record air pressure and¬†tread depth by wheel position, to aid in tire¬†expense control; new web-based Shop Scheduler for managing¬†appointments, plans¬†and repair orders by bay and time slot; support for multi-currency purchase and¬†reporting to meet¬†the needs of international companies. The Mechanic¬†Workstation mobile app can improve the efficiency and productivity¬†of mechanic¬†work activities and the TMT Service Center Point-of-Sale (POS) solution benefits¬†from enhanced workflow¬†and invoicing features.

TMW Optimization¬†software¬†¬≠‚Ästnew ExpertFuel software capabilities include¬†in-cab directions to fuel stops and fuel¬†pricing feeds from EFS and Comdata; an¬†advanced scheduling ‚Äúengine‚ÄĚ with related integrations that supports the¬†calculation¬†and transfer of HOS/ETA/PTA data. A web-based user interface now presents¬†TripAlert status with ALK¬†visual mapping. A number of new MatchAdvice integrations also were added.

The use of referenced features, capabilities, integrations or interfaces with TMW software may require the purchase of additional software licenses and professional services from TMW Systems.