2010 Innovator of the Year

Updated Jan 23, 2012
Ccj0410 Pgfc Os Trucking

Name: O&S Trucking

Location: Springfield, Mo.

By the time you read this, it’s possible that O&S Trucking has changed its business model once again. It’s not that the Springfield, Mo.-based refrigerated truckload carrier is reckless; far from it. Rather, the company is bold and nimble. It acts decisively when its analysis of market conditions and the competitive landscape so dictates. This corporate culture and its fruits – including a complete transformation of its operation and an initiative to boost productivity substantially – earn O&S Trucking selection as CCJ’s 2010 Innovator of the Year. A big part of O&S Trucking’s “Great Game” culture is frequent business planning. The company undergoes a rigorous annual planning effort and an intensive midyear review to ensure that executives confirm or adjust their strategy in light of emerging market conditions. And throughout the year, there are weekly management “huddles” to ensure that everything is on target. O’Neal believes this forward-looking approach is essential if a company is to remain nimble and responsive to change. Too many executives run their businesses based on last month’s – or even last quarter’s – results, he says. “That’s like driving with your rearview mirror.”