Peterson touts safety lights

Updated Mar 8, 2014

Peterson LumenX Series 7 safety lightPeterson’s LumenX Series 7 safety lights are powered by white-diode LEDs and feature optics engineered for efficient light dispersal to illuminate the entire lens fully without hot spots or dead zones, regardless of viewing angle.

The series comprises S/T/T lights, turn signals, backup lights and work lights available in 4-inch rounds with 7- or 9-diode versions, and 6-inch oval footprints with 7- or 10-diode versions. The lights are built with high-grade plastic resins and fully integrated insert molded terminals for added protection.

Models include red, amber and white and are available with AMP-compatible connections; 7-diode rounds and ovals also are available with a PL3 connection. Integrated voltage regulation is supplied on all models, with multivolt design available on certain models.

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