Forward Lift’s four-post heavy-duty vehicle lifts

Updated Jul 8, 2015

Forward Lift CR Series Four-Post Vehicle LiftForward Lift’s CR Series four-post vehicle lifts, designed for heavy-duty trucks and buses, are engineered for faster rise times. Since each CR Series post has its own hydraulic cylinder, there are no cables, chains or sheaves under the runways to lubricate and maintain.

The four cylinders all are inverted, so their chrome piston rods remain protected from debris and damage, even in the up position. Each identical post features a control system with an intuitive easy-to-use graphic layout of the lift and real-time height reading. The lifts can be configured for pre-programmed lifting cycles and are anchored to the shop floor with four easy-to-install wedge anchors at each post so that no site preparation or excavation is needed.

The 50,000-pound-capacity CR50 and 60,000-pound-capacity CR60 models each are available with runway lengths of 28 or 33 feet.

Forward Lift,