Federal-Mogul Motorparts’ RSD-certified Abex brake lining

Updated May 4, 2016

Federal-Mogul Motorparts Abex 6297 RSD-Certified Brake LiningFederal-Mogul Motorparts’ expanded range of Abex reduced stopping distance-certified commercial-grade friction linings now includes RX 6297, designed to exceed both the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 121 RSD requirement and the OE brake manufacturer standard for 23,000-pound tractor applications. According to the company, testing conducted by an ISO-certified facility, using a tractor equipped with a 23,000-pound drive axle and 14,600-pound steer axle, showed that the lining delivered under loaded conditions a stopping distance of 217 feet from 60 mph; the FMVSS standard and OE requirement are 250 and 225 feet, respectively. The copper-free crack-resistant lining is engineered to help maintain like-new braking performance while experiencing minimal swell and growth and offering added lining and drum wear.

Federal-Mogul Holdings Corp., www.fmmotorparts.com