Avantechs’ sleep monitoring wearable

Avantechs Sleepman WearableAvantechs’ Sleepman wearable for drivers is designed to optimize and enhance sleep, wake users during the correct sleep phase and prevent dozing while driving. The device is engineered to monitor electromagnetic biosignals from a user’s wrist and analyze sleep and activity patterns using electrodermal activity tracking algorithms.

A Doze-Off Alert helps warn drivers at the earliest signs of concentration loss and prompt them to stop and rest, while the Power Nap function is designed to wake users before they begin a deep sleep. A Bio-Smart Alarm is designed to monitor biosignals and wake users at the optimum sleep stage, and the device’s Sleep and Activity Tracking records sleep and activity data and presents it in easy-to-read graphs for review. A micro-current Sleep Enhancer helps increase deep sleep levels, while the InsomniZap function helps users fall asleep faster. A heart rhythm monitor is designed to warn of potentially dangerous changes.

Avantechs, http://sleepman.com