Cummins Filtration’s combination lube filter

Updated Sep 13, 2016

cummins-filtration-fleetguard-lf14000nn-combination-lube-filterCummins Filtration’s Fleetguard LF14000NN combination lube filter has been refined for newer engine platforms, including Cummins X15 engines. The filter uses a co-bonding lamination process that pairs NanoNet and StrataPore media together to create a single filter element to maximize the media area within the filter for added capacity and service life while eliminating the need for separate media sections without losing the combination performance of the different media grades. The filter is designed to reduce flow restriction, allowing the engine to operate more efficiently with less parasitic power loss, and is capable of longer service intervals depending on the quality of oil used. The NanoNet media structure is engineered to deliver a balance of efficiency, capacity and restriction for added engine performance and protection.

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