Mahle’s A/C refrigerant handling system

Updated Sep 5, 2017

MAHLE Arctic ProMahle’s ArcticPro ACX1180C refrigerant handling system is engineered to service heavy-duty vehicles that use R134a refrigerant. The SAE-certified unit is designed for easy use, service and maintenance and to increase technician productivity due to its fully-automatic program to recover, vacuum, leak-test and charge heavy-duty A/C system refrigerant without command. An integrated test function allows the user to capture a before-and-after service snapshot to facilitate proper A/C system service functionality. The hybrid-certified unit also has a high-capacity 50-pound internal DOT cylinder, a 5-cfm vacuum pump, an integrated printer, an ambient humidity sensor, three temperature sensors, four pressure sensors, a vacuum micron sensor for system diagnostic capabilities and a factory-installed heater belt.

Mahle Service Solutions,