XStream Trucking’s tractor-trailer gap aero device

Updated Nov 13, 2017

XStream TruckingXStream Trucking’s TruckWings is an active-aerodynamic device that covers the tractor-trailer gap and helps eliminate turbulence caused by movement and high winds, leading to streamlined aerodynamics, fuel savings, lower carbon emissions and smoother rides due to less lane drift. As the gap is needed for low-speed maneuverability, TruckWings is designed to work at highway speeds, automatically deploying large panels to cover the gap’s sides and top. The panels, made of high-impact glass-reinforced composites, create a continuous connection between the truck and trailer that allows the air to flow smoothly over the truck’s entire length. When the truck slows down, the panels retract without driver intervention, providing clearance for turns at any angle.

XStream Trucking, www.xstreamtrucking.com