Optronics’ oval multi-function LEDs

Updated Jan 18, 2018

Optronics’ Fusion GloLight surface-mount LED lampsOptronics’ Fusion GloLight six-inch oval multi-function surface-mount LED lamps employ the company’s GloLight optical technology. The stop, tail, turn and backup lamps feature smoothly glowing areas of the lens, contrasting with pinpoint LED accents, and require one half-inch hole for wiring and four mounting holes for either rivet or screw fasteners. Both the flush-mount and flange-mount lamps are available with a chrome bezel, a white bezel that can be painted and Optronics’ reflective safety bezel for a higher conspicuity level. They are hardwired with female PL-3 plugs and have lenses and housings made of a sonically welded polycarbonate material that helps protect their electronics against moisture, shock and vibration.

Optronics International, www.optronicsinc.com