Continental’s VDO SingleViu instrument series

Updated Aug 7, 2018

RPM GaugeContinental’s VDO SingleViu instrument series features a dual input engineered to allow operation with analog signals and digitally with CAN bus and is suited for heavy-duty trucks, buses and off-highway equipment. The line is available in 74 variants for original equipment, retrofit or service replacement and is designed to provide an enhanced user interface via an LCD display. It includes 2 1/16-inch-diameter gauges for temperature, fuel, pressure, tachometer, diesel exhaust fluid, voltage, amperage and hourmeter; speedometers and tachometers also are offered in 3 3/8- and 4-inch-diameter gauges.

The instruments are built for maximum durability and to perform in a wide range of weather and environmental conditions; key design features include an electrical connection that uses watertight Molex MX150 connectors, double-glazed and shock-resistant mineral glass to help prevent fogging and damage, environmentally sealed flame-resistant housings, a voltage range from 8 to 32 volts and an operating temperature range from -40 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. For maximum readability, the gauges feature an anti-reflective lens coating, a 240-degree display angle and an RGB LED background illumination for both the dial and the display. The 80/85 and 100mm gauges include internal pushbuttons that can control the additional information displayed in the operating menu; up to five tell-tales can be added to the dial face.

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