Penray’s food transport machine oil

Updated Sep 10, 2018

Penray 4571 Machine Oil 2018 09 10 10 02Penray’s 4571 Machine Oil is blended specifically for the food transportation, service and storage markets and is composed of liquid petrolatum USP and propellant, making it suitable for food transport and processing and dairy equipment in industries such as meat packing, poultry processing, breweries, dairies, bakeries, grocery stores and supermarkets. It is formulated to leave a pure food grade oil film in temperatures from 0 to 450 degrees F, making it effective for use in both refrigerated and high-temperature environments. It is designed to provide long-lasting lubrication and protect against rust, oxidation and wear on liftgates, forklifts, rollers, conveyors, hinges, latches and bearings.

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