OEM requests prompt PTI to design new solid state relay

Updated Oct 4, 2018

Phillips & Temro IndustriesPhillips & Temro Industries, a developer and manufacturer of engine heating and cooling products, launched a new Solid State Relay Controller for diesel engines. The PTI SSRC is an application-specific product built to perform supervisory and diagnostic functions to safely switch high electric current and quickly protect against overload and short-circuit conditions. Initial product applications include quick-start air intake heaters that require high current control and safety monitoring to provide faster start times on diesel engines.

“The solid state relay controller was developed to replace mechanical relays in complex high current applications,” said Tom Moser, president of Phillips & Temro Industries. “Our OEM customers brought forward a need for additional communication, control and safety specific to their unique applications not provided in past relays.”

With no moving parts, the PTI SSR Controller is designed to avoid mechanical-failure modes associated with traditional electromechanical relays, such as sticking, chatter or permanent welding of contacts. It also is engineered for more desirable characteristics and design advantages, such as low power consumption, long life, small size, fast switching speeds, shock and vibration resistance, short circuit protection and diagnostic feedback.

The PTI SSRC features Controller Area Network (CAN) communications or discrete logic control depending on application requirements, and it also features electric current ratings up to 400A 12-volt or 200A 24-volt. The company said it also has the potential for additional applications, including power generation and off-road, which the company currently is exploring.