Weego’s heavy-duty jump starter

Updated May 13, 2019

Weego Crankenstein Jump Starting 12V/24V Power PackWeego’s Crankenstein Jump Starting 12V/24V Power Pack provides 1,200 cranking amps and 5,000 peak amps for 12-volt systems and 600 cranking amps and 5,000 peak amps for 24-volt systems and is engineered to jump-start 0-volt batteries safely and automatically. An OLED screen walks users through the jump and communicates warning messages and connection quality, while a built-in voltmeter measures battery voltage. The company’s Connection Detection technology displays the quality of battery terminal connections, and its Hotfoot technology allows operation in temperatures from – 28 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The 9-pound unit’s lithium phosphate battery is engineered for stability during jumps requiring durability and resistance to potential overheating situations.

It is built with reverse polarity, anti-spark, overcurrent, overdischarge, voltage detection and temperature protections, and its reinforced case is built for water, dust and dirt resistance. The jump starter’s battery is rated for up to 2,000 lifecycles and to hold a single charge for over one year, and it can be recharged on the go in just six hours. It includes two USB-A ports with fast-charge technology and a USB-C port for phones and tablets, and a built-in 1,000-lumen LED worklight offers 15 hours of extra light on a single charge. A 12V/15A CLA port accepts power inverters and other 12-volt-equipped tools and gear and is capable of running laptops and other AC-powered devices away from a wall plug.

Weego, www.myweegopro.com