Phillips’ dual-pole socket

Phillips’ Dual Pole QCS2 Quick-Change SocketPhillips’ Dual Pole QCS2 Quick-Change Socket is designed for added corrosion protection for dual-pole applications such as liftgate systems. The socket consists of a dual-pole harness boot molded to the liftgate harness cable, which helps grip the socket and hold it in place. The socket has a noncorrosive housing and a sealed inner cavity engineered to block moisture and contaminants from the plug-socket union. Offset pins help prevent accidental arcing; with a longer negative pin and a shorter “hot” pin, the connection is grounded before power is circulated through the system on the positive pin, avoiding the potential for sparks. The Dual Pole QCS2 is available for dual-pole connections on the tractor side, with the boot in a 6 o’clock angle and in 2- and 4-gauge options.

Phillips Industries,