PPG’s DelFleet One paint system

Updated Jun 14, 2019

PPG’s DelFleet One paint systemPPG’s DelFleet One paint system features advanced coatings formulated for maximum color matching, ease of use and low volatile organic compound emissions. The system includes undercoats, topcoats and clearcoats and the latest aluminum and pearl pigments to provide full color capability for direct gloss, basecoat and matte colors, all of which have a VOC of 1.5 pounds per gallon. The system’s clearcoats and primers have a VOC of 2.0 or less pounds per gallon.

The compact paint system has 42 toners, four binders and four paint additives to help reduce on-hand inventory requirements and is supported by PPG’s color-matching database. It also is designed for ease of use using traditional application techniques, and the system’s toner stability and consistent ready-to-spray viscosities across color families help eliminate the need for painters to adjust each color before application or to change spray-gun settings. It also is formulated for added metallic control and for easy mixing with shared hardeners and reducers.

PPG Commercial Coatings, www.delfleetone.com