Snap-on’s Snap Ring Pliers

Updated Aug 1, 2019

Snap On Srpcr Series Snap Ring Pliers 2019 07 31 10 16Snap-on’s SRPCR Series Snap Ring Pliers have a push-button convertible design that offers speed and precision, allowing technicians to easily switch between internal and external rings, while longer 45- and 90-degree jaws facilitate easier access to hard-to-reach retaining rings on transmissions, AC compression clutches, starters and turbochargers. The pliers also are suited for installing and removing semi-floating rear axle bearings. The tool’s wide cushion grip offers added comfort and control, while its cold-forged steel contains a higher alloy content that makes the pliers stronger and more durable. A natural steel finish with a protective clear coating helps defend against corrosion. The pliers are available with the company’s SRPCR112 Master Kit, which includes a molded case with foam inserts and a full line of snap ring pliers.