DClimate’s Hybrid APU

Updated Aug 6, 2019

D Climate Hybrid Apu 2019 08 05 11 25DClimate’s Hybrid APU features a proprietary battery management system built to minimize internal resistance for faster charging, allowing the system to reach an 80% state of charge in less than an hour, making it suitable for multistop less-than-truckload operations. The 48-volt unit features Delco Remy’s Brushless 320 Amp alternator designed to deliver high output over a wide range of rpms as well as rapid charging capability, even at idle, which helps minimize idle time. The system uses all eight of its Group 31 NorthStar batteries to maximize the available power source and has built-in deep discharge protection to help facilitate extended battery life and tractor starting capability. It is engineered for optimized airflow and distribution to help minimize power draw and extend runtime.

DClimate, www.dclimate.com