Pirelli’s regional tire line

Pirelli R89 Series Tire Line 2019 08 06 09 53Pirelli’s R89 Series Tire Line is suited for regional applications and features drive (both open and closed shoulder), steer and trailer offerings, all in an extended range of sizes. The lineup is engineered to provide high mileage, fuel savings and added traction in all weather conditions. The tires’ construction and tread profile design deliver an optimized footprint to facilitate even wear and long tread life, while their tread compound helps withstand high scrub conditions. The tread patterns and profiles are designed to help prevent impact damage and allow a uniform distribution of load and torque (for drive) and precise handling (for steer), resulting in even wear and long tread life at every wheel position. The company’s proprietary Spiral Advanced Technology for Truck (SATT) and Hexa Bead Wire both help enhance retreadability.

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