Phillips’ cable clamp

Updated Nov 5, 2019

Phillips Qwik Clamp 2019 11 04 11 18Phillips’ multi-functional Qwik-Clamp is designed for securing hoses or cables to any support system between a tractor and trailer. It converts from a 1-, 2 or 3-hose holder to a cable clamp for the company’s 3-In-1 by removing an insert. The clamp’s secure draw latch is engineered to create a positive lock, keeping up to three cables or a 3-In-1 in place, staying connected at over 100 pounds of pull force. With the insert installed, the Qwik-Clamp supports straight ABS electrical cables and 3/8-inch rubber air hoses or coiled ABS electrical cables and nylon air lines with long leads. Without the insert, it is built to support all the company’s 3-In-1 assemblies and other applications approximately 1.6-inch in diameter. The stainless-steel carbineer helps facilitate faster attachment of the clamp to a tender spring or pogo stick. The clamp body and insert are made of noncorrosive and UV-resistant durable nylon for added performance in extreme weather conditions with a working temperature of -40 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. A tracker spring kit for the Qwik-Clamp adds an extra-heavy-duty galvanized 20.5-inch tender spring. The system clips on and off the back of the cab without unbolting the sliding tracker bar.

Phillips Industries,