Webasto’s commercial vehicle battery system

Updated Nov 22, 2019

Webasto Commercial Vehicle Battery System 2019 11 20 14 22Webasto’s Commercial Vehicle Battery System is designed for total scalability and configuration flexibility. Each battery pack has 35 kWh of energy, and up to 10 packs can be used for a combined 350 kWh. With 400- and 800-volt versions available, the plug-and-play system can be configured via the vehicle interface box, which is the master battery management system and power distribution unit. A separate thermal management system helps keep the battery system at an optimum operating temperature, performance and range. Also available separately is the company’s TurboDX Level-2 charging station, which is compatible with both plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles and battery-electric vehicles and features a slim compact design, a durable aluminum rear enclosure and a quick-read charging status indicator.

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