Larson’s LED inspection headlamp

VPLHL-7WLEDVPLHL-7WLEDLarson’s VPLHL-LEDC-75 LED Inspection Handlamp is built to handle wet locations and has no ballast for less weight. The waterproof, vapor-proof handheld drop light produces 1,050 lumens of colored light – including blue, red, green, amber and white – and features a rubberized, insulated handle for a secure grip, a stainless-steel wire guard enclosure to help protect the light, an operating temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit and a solid-state LED bulb with no filament, which makes this bulb resistant to damage from dropping and hard impacts. It comes with 75 feet of 16/3 SOOW cable and can operate on voltages between 100V and 277V AC without modifications. A low-voltage option operating on 11V or 25V AC/DC is also available.

Larson Electronics,