Hot Shot’s Secret’s spray lubricant

Updated Feb 27, 2020

Hot Shots Secret Never Rust Lubricant 2020 02 25 16 17Hot Shot’s Secret’s Never Rust Lubricant is a multipurpose 100% synthetic spray lubricant formulated to protect metal parts from rust and corrosion. It is suited for metal nuts and bolts, cables and chains, metal tools, truck parts, door hinges and locks and is engineered to be effective in extreme temperatures with an operating temperature range of -65 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. It is made to resist water washout and to not dry out, separate or bleed on equipment. It also can be used to remove gummy labels, tape or stickers and is compatible to use with most seals except for EDPM rubber. To apply, shake the 9-ounce aerosol can, hold the spray tip 8 to 10 inches from the metal surface, and spray evenly.

Hot Shot’s Secret,