J.W. Speaker’s LED taillight

Updated Apr 1, 2021

J w Speaker Model 234 Flash Led Taillights 2020 04 09 12 33J.W. Speaker’s Model 234 Flash is a drop-in replacement for four-inch-round LED or halogen taillights used in transport, industrial, construction, agriculture and specialty vehicles. Available in five different colors, the light has three programmable strobe patterns and is available with the company’s SmartHeat technology, enabling year-round use while providing added visibility, durability and longevity. It provides two, four and six strobe patterns that allow the user to activate simultaneous or alternating flash patterns and a two-in-one dual function strobe. The light can be used with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) displays or J.W. Speaker options and is capable of withstanding 10g worth of vibration. It is sealed to IP69K specifications for power wash and steam-cleaning resistance and for condensation management.

J.W. Speaker Corp., www.jwspeaker.com