Motorola’s two-way radio

Motorola Solutions Tlk 150 Mobile Two Way Radio 2020 05 18 18 44Motorola’s TLK 150 Mobile Two-Way Radio is compliant with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations for driver distraction, with one-button push-to-talk hands-free accessories and no distracting screens. Safety features such as location tracking and emergency calling and alerts help drivers remain safe with nationwide cellular network coverage and crisp, clear audio. Powered by Wave, a subscription-based group communication service that connects users across different devices, networks and locations, the rugged unit is small and compact enough to mount in multiple places and is interoperable with land mobile radio (LMR) so it can communicate with an existing radio network. The device also is encrypted for secure and private communications, allowing users to manage talk groups and subscriptions in real time and to increase coverage, connections and productivity without additional infrastructure.

Motorola Solutions,