Agility’s CNG fuel system

Agility Fuel Systems Pro Rail Compressed Natural Gas Cng Fuel System 2020 05 27 11 06Agility’s updated ProRail Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fuel System has capacity options ranging from 30 to 60 diesel gallons equivalent (DGE) and is designed to be installed on one or both sides of the vehicle, allowing the system to be configured to meet a wide range of fuel capacity requirements. Its lightweight and durable design uses carbon fiber-composite TuffShell ACF Type 4 CNG cylinders. The ProRail’s latest design minimizes its impact on frame rail space, reducing the length of the system by 10 inches and, when combined with the company’s Drop & Go mounting brackets, allowing fleet managers maximum flexibility when configuring vehicle layout.

The updated system also is 30 pounds lighter than the previous generation, and its integrated Fuel Management Module (FMM) provides a fast-fill receptacle for up to 13% faster refueling, a de-fueling receptacle and ignition-disconnect fuel caps. The company’s BlueiQ Smart Gauge provides real-time fuel economy, fuel level and distance to empty, and BlueiQ’s Eco Mode and Driver Feedback help drivers manage fuel economy. Built-in temperature sensors help provide early warning of potential thermal events, and the system can be combined with the company’s ProCab behind-the-cab CNG fuel systems for added fuel capacity and range.

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