National Fleet Products’ hand-washing station

Updated Jun 4, 2020

National Fleet Products Hand Washing Station 2020 06 03 13 37National Fleet Products’ Hand-Washing Station is designed to allow water of hand sanitizer to be dispensed virtually anywhere, with application-specific hardware that enables the unit to be mounted to a wide variety of vehicles. The portable vehicle-mounted black or translucent tank comes in 6.5- and 10-gallon sizes and is made of rugged, durable virgin polypropylene with an additive that makes it resistant to UV rays. An integrated removable soap dispenser serves as the cap to the filling port, and a separate cap also is available.

The spring-toggle water spigot is built for easy operation, and because it automatically stops water flow when no longer depressed, it helps eliminate recontamination because there is no need to touch it again once hands are clean. The spigot is recessed and side-mounted to help protect it from damage. The vehicle-mounted unit is available with frame- and body-mounting hardware that is compatible with virtually any type of truck, including heavy-, medium- and light-duty pickups, work trucks, box vans, agriculture and construction equipment, trailers and more.

National Fleet Products,