Snap-on’s cordless impact wrench

Updated Jun 17, 2020

Snap-on’s CT9075 18-Volt ½-Inch-Drive High-Output Cordless Impact Wrench is designed for heavy-duty applications and is engineered to provide 900-ft.-lb. of tightening torque and 1,200 ft.-lb. of breakaway torque. A digital microprocessor-controlled switch controls three forward and reverse settings that are independent of each other to provide the ability to use the impact in full power in one direction and in partial power in another without using the selector switch. A built-in brake can stop the anvil quickly to prevent throwing fasteners and sockets, while the brushless motor prevents tool-slowing buildup. The CT9075 weighs 8.7 pounds with the battery, and its bright 100-lumen LED headlight illuminates dimly-lit work environments. The kit includes two of the company’s MonsterLithium batteries and a charger with a built-in USB port.