Optronics’ LED interior lamps

Updated Jul 8, 2020

Optronics Opti Brite Diamond Series Led Interior Lamps 2020 07 07 13 16Optronics’ Opti-Brite Diamond Series LED Interior Lamps are thin surface-mount models that are dimmable and are built to remember previous intensity settings. The lamps can be wired to operate manually or to use their passive infrared sensors (PIR) to illuminate automatically in the presence of human movement. The diamond-shaped hardwired lamps are ½-inch thick and can be installed on ceilings, in compartments and under cabinets. The 66-LED model ILL02 measures 13½ inches and delivers a 2,000-lumen output, and the 36-LED model ILL03 measures 6.7 inches and delivers a 1,500-lumen output. Four activation options are available: SmartTouch with its dimming and memory feature, PIR with its infrared motion-sensing feature, a manual on and off switch or a no-switch design. Installation requires two fasteners, and the lights can accommodate both 12- and 24-volt vehicle electrical systems. Snap-on trim rings are available for both lamp models and come in white, black and chrome finishes.

Optronics International, www.optronicsinc.com