Dana’s preassembled shaft kits

Updated Aug 11, 2020

Dana Spicer Ready Pack Preassembled Shaft Kits 2020 08 10 18 53Dana’s Spicer ReadyPack Preassembled Kits for commercial vehicle driveshafts, coupling shafts and interaxle shafts are compiled for convenience, streamlined ordering and savings on inventory and labor costs so that users no longer will be required to identify and order each part individually when rebuilding a commercial vehicle shaft. The kits arrive with u-joints that are preinstalled in the yoke shaft for the slip joint and in the tube yoke for the tight joint. Kits featuring premium Spicer Life Series (SPL) u-joints come pregreased with production lube and sealed with the multilip seal, while 10 Series u-joints must be greased before use.

Dana, www.spicerparts.com/readypack