Optronics’ LED strip light

Optronics Modular Led Strip Light 2020 09 29 13 02Optronics’ Modular LED Strip Light model ILL23CB is 17.25 inches long and 0.75 inches thick and can be mated together to form a solid linear light source measuring 6.939 feet in length. The light is designed for total adaptability in interior environments and has a streamlined ABS housing and an integrated acrylic lens. Each lamp comes with a power cap on one end and a trim finish cap on the other. Both caps are detachable, revealing modular connecting ports that enable up to six of the lamps to plug together. The 18-diode lamp packs 880 raw lumens and delivers 730 effective lumens and is suited for ceiling and corner-mount applications with a low profile that makes them less vulnerable to strikes by cargo and loading equipment. The multi-volt lamp accommodates both 12- and 24-volt vehicle electrical systems.

Optronics Inc., www.optronicsinc.com