Goodyear’s off-highway large-haulage tire

Updated Nov 4, 2020

Rh4a1 2020 11 02 16 12Goodyear’s RH-4A+ off-highway large-haulage tire is engineered to deliver higher productivity in hard-rock-underfoot conditions. The tire features an extra-deep E-4+ tread depth with a high net-to-gross tread pattern and an optimized footprint pressure to help provide long hours to removal.

It features:
• Enhanced sidewall durability and lateral stability with Goodyear’s new Durawall Technology, a wider bead design and a wider molded rim width;
• Increased hours to removal and cut protection with its high net-to-gross tread pattern and deep E-4+ tread depth; and
• Cool operating temperatures from the tread’s centerline blading, shoulder lug pockets and shoulder lug side notches.

Other performance benefits include a tread and casing that together are designed to deliver long hours to removal, resistance to cutting and added traction in severe hard-rock-underfoot conditions.

The RH-4A+ currently is available in sizes 59/80R63, 46/90R57 and 27.00R49. It is available in customized casing constructions and with the company’s proprietary tread compounds to meet hauling conditions.

Complementing the RH-4A+ is Goodyear’s EMTrack tire performance tracking software, giving operators the ability to track the tire’s properties to reduce operational costs.