Tech shorts: Geotab, SureCam partner on fleet video telematics and more

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Updated May 4, 2022

Technology Shorts

Technology news and briefs for the week of April 24, 2022: 

Netradyne updates platform, launches training program

Netradyne has added multiple platform updates and has launched a training program to help fleets and drivers maximize the value of said platform.

The training program, Netradyne University, which features the latest product overviews, technology advances and more, allows customers and drivers to stream online course content, complete assignments and become certified on Driver•i installation.

The new features and functionalities of Driver•I include enhanced driver privacy mode, accident alerts and new roles.

The enhanced driver privacy mode, which provides fleets with many of the same benefits of the inward camera, without recording, is aimed at drivers who are sensitive to inward-facing cameras. It gives drivers in-cab alerts and fleet managers inward alert data while the inward recording of the device is disabled.

The accident alerts feature enables fleets to distinguish between accidents and high G-force alerts for non-accident events. It provides increased precision for identifying vehicle collisions and alerting fleet managers by combining vision technology and g-force data.

The new roles feature is a new page within the portal where customers can create and assign new roles with permissions for functions that are specific to their fleet.

Geotab, SureCam partner to improve fleet video telematics

Geotab and connected dashcam and fleet management provider SureCam have partnered to improve video telematics for fleets, aiming to provide a seamless display of video within the MyGeotab platform.

The latest version of SureCam features a new method for capturing video using Geotab’s telematics device and its data-based rules like improper seatbelt usage and speeding.

It also uses G-force triggered alerts that detect unsafe driving behaviors, like harsh driving, and automatically captures video footage that later can be reviewed on the MyGeotab platform and alert managers to incidents when necessary. Camera configuration and customized triggers are also managed directly within MyGeotab.

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In addition to event-triggered video, Geotab offers video request features that allows users to preview and download additional video available on their SureCam connected dash cameras, allowing fleet operators to further investigate call-ins and other minor incidents that may not have been triggered by an event-based rule.

SureCam also has a LiveCheck feature that allows fleet operators to quickly tap into a live video feed from dash cameras. SureCam automatically uploads video over a cellular network, allowing fleet operators quick access to footage and supporting data from the Geotab integration within seconds of an incident occurring.

New York company implements CLI software

New York-based transportation and logistics provider Sun Logistics has implemented freight management software company Carrier Logistics Inc.’s (CLI) FACTS software that bundles over 20 modules that manage the lifecycle of each shipment and automates operations and administration.

Sun Logistics is using a hosted version of FACTS across its operations in New York and Florida for dispatch, driver management and a full back-office suite of capabilities. Its 150 drivers use tablets connected to the software via an integration enabled by CLI, and CLI’s dock management system, along with fully integrated handheld scanners, are placed at the company’s 64-door service centers in New York City and Miami.

Sun Logistics wanted to replace existing processes and systems that required significant amounts of paperwork, labor and time with a complete end-to-end solution.

“We handle first- and last-mile freight in two of the hardest markets in the U.S., New York City and Miami,” said Sun Logistics COO Nathaniel Klein. “Our legacy system was not able to help us modernize our processes and grow as a leader in first- and last-mile logistics. After an extensive research and review process, we chose CLI because they understand the opportunities we wanted to address, and their FACTS software is highly functional for the future state of our business.”

Klein said the company is already seeing improvements following the implementation.

With over 90% of freight cross-docked, labor efficiency, measured by an improvement in bills per hour, has increased by about 50%. Proper route planning coupled with real-time ETAs and text notifications has increased on-time delivery rates to 99.8%.

Comdata launches new payment method in partnership with Motorq

Comdata has launched a new payment product that helps remove charging as the biggest barrier for electric vehicle adoption.

The payment processing company’s Charge Anywhere product – powered by connected-car data and analytics company Motorq – enables the capture of charge event data directly from EVs and allows fleet managers to accurately pay employees for EV charging costs even when employees charge company vehicles at home.

Charge Anywhere removes EV adoption roadblocks by leveraging data captured from eligible electric vehicles to track charging events’ type and location, calculate costs and manage expense reimbursements.

Comdata said while the technology can be used by Class 8 trucks to pay for EV charging, the reality is early EV adoption is being driven by commercial passenger and light duty vehicles, which is where this product is focused.

“Right now, the heavy-duty vehicle segment is in what the industry describes as the ‘messy middle,’ with no clear technology leader to reach fleet sustainability goals,” said John Donahue, Fleetcor’s head of EV product. “While EV and hydrogen are promising use cases, the reality is the economics of total cost of ownership and supporting infrastructure aren’t quite ready for widespread adoption. Comdata is innovating to support the alternative fuel journey of fleet owners and managers, regardless of the technology they select.”

This technology aims to eliminate the impediments fleets face in widespread EV adoption like lack of convenience, control and data insights for fleet managers.

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