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Updated Sep 21, 2022

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Technology news and briefs for the week of Sept. 18, 2022: 

New CarriersEdge course helps drivers avoid tanker-related injuries

Online driver training provider CarriersEdge has introduced a course to help drivers avoid injuries while performing tasks directly or indirectly related to operating a tanker.

Falls from climbing a tanker, using the catwalk or tripping over a hose are common causes of injuries for tanker drivers and can result in sprains, fractures or head injuries.

The “Tanker Injury Prevention” course focuses on risks associated with getting in and out of the cab, climbing on and off the tanker, securing the cargo and handling hoses while loading and unloading cargo.

The interactive module outlines the different aspects of the driver’s tanker-related duties, including specific examples and detailed steps.

Drivers will learn about the main causes of injuries when working around a tanker, the personal protective equipment needed when operating a tanker, common fall protection methods and learn how to use three points of contact around the vehicle and how to avoid injuries when working with hoses.

Lytx offers new capabilities to global integration partners

Lytx Inc. has released reusable user interface (UI) components to help technology partners reduce time-to-market and accelerate digital transformation by integrating pre-made UI components into their offerings.

The video telematics provider is creating a library of reusable UI components for its open application programming interface (API) functionalities along with step-by-step guides for integration.

The components are reusable, meaning they can be implemented in multiple places inside applications, and are easily configurable and extensible using small amounts of code to accelerate innovation and minimize development effort. The reusable components are also released under an open-source software license, enabling developers to customize the components, which can be easily translated from English to provide localization where needed.

The first available reusable component is Live Video, which allows near real-time live video from the vehicle. More components will become available later this year.

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“With many technology service providers starting to offer video safety solutions as part of their portfolio of all-in-one solutions, seamless integration of video technology is key to accelerating speed-to-market and to reducing the developmental burden,” said Lytx Chief Technology Officer Rajesh Rudraradhya. “Lytx introduced modern, cloud-native APIs years ago to make it easier for companies to integrate Lytx’s video applications and other third-party applications. With reusable components, we are further simplifying the process of adding video, making it easier than ever to tap into our industry-leading video and MV+AI technology via the Lytx Vision Platform.”

As part of Lytx’s customer and partner empowerment approach, reusable UI components were developed to make integration easier, require fewer resources, and provide faster time-to-market for video telematics services. The components are easy to integrate, support most frameworks and come with all relevant code, API calls and documentation. Using reusable components can dramatically speed up the integration process, make work more efficient and cut the overall time-to-market by up to 90%.

Shipwell partners to give Microsoft D365 customers access to TMS

Microsoft Dynamics 365 users now have access to Shipwell’s transportation management system.

It is available as part of a partnership between Shipwell, a cloud-based shipping and logistics provider, and NMB Solutions Inc., which provides a Microsoft-certified D365 Gateway for multi-modal transportation.

Shipwell’s TMS integrated with NMB’s Microsoft-Certified Gateway for D365 Finance and Operations module is expected to provide significant efficiency gains and reduce transportation and supply chain-related costs.

Backed by AI and machine learning capabilities, Shipwell’s data-driven technology provides automation, comprehensive tracking, exception management and advanced analytics at every point in the supply chain, allowing customers to proactively address delays and reduce spend.

Shipwell’s TMS platform integrates with existing business applications, partners and workflows, reducing implementation time for go live in as little as eight to 10 weeks. The solution not only minimizes customers’ IT and integration resource requirements but also maximizes savings and value.

ZUUM expands capacity with 123Loadboard integration

Freight Matching Marketplace 123Loadboard and ZUUM Unified Logistics Platform have partnered to provide an integration of services to expand capacity for ZUUM’s customers and in the future allow seamless, digital freight booking for 123Loadboard’s carriers.

This integration will give ZUUM’s 3PL customers the ability to showcase their freight on 123Loadboard and use the services to identify suitable contacts and equipment types for their featured freight. In the future, 3PLs will experience carriers using automated digital ‘book now’ capability in real time to arrange the movement of their freight. In addition to loads and trucks, 3PLs will be able to access rates, documents, mileage and routing, along with other services, readily available within the integration.

“This type of integration will allow 3PL customers to transform their capacity management as they will be able to sync freight details like quotes and carrier profile data from 123Loadboard to ZUUM,” said 123Loadboard VP Loarn Metzen. “They will be able to extract information from both services, thereby improving their workflow efficiency and speeding up the freight-moving process.”

Through 123Loadboard’s freight matching platform, this integration will allow ZUUM to offer automated digital freight booking to help its 3PL customers secure capacity with minimal effort and enable them to move loads faster. Using ZUUM, 3PLs will also have access to freight details for tens of thousands of carriers for enhanced capacity management.

ZUUM CEO Mustafa Azizi said its members can further manage capacity using its upcoming truck searching and rate connectivity solutions.

Transfix launches new pricing model

Transfix Inc.’s Intelligent Freight Platform has introduced a new pricing model to help shippers mitigate risk during peak season and beyond.

The Transfix TrueRate+ (TTR+) guarantees tender acceptance, helping to reduce reliance on requests for proposals, and can deliver anticipated savings of upwards of 10% on average freight cost. It is designed to address the challenges shippers face when they rely solely on traditional spot and contract programs, leaving their supply chains susceptible to more risk across service and rates.

TTR+ incorporates real-time market data and a blend of machine learning and industry expertise to derive a projected market rate. With TTR+, Transfix takes on a higher percentage of the costs if procuring above the market rate while sharing a higher percentage of the savings with shippers when procuring below the market rate. This allows TTR+ to offer prices upwards of 10% lower than the industry average.